Why choose a bad credit mobile phone?

In a world where the digital lifestyle rules, mobile phones are as important as a limb. The majority of people can’t literally live without their phones. They can’t leave the house without it. They’re always on their phones texting, browsing or playing no matter the place or time of day. That’s how necessary mobile phones have become in our everyday life.

Unfortunately, not all people can afford to buy a new phone especially the latest handsets. In this case, you can apply for a phone contract to subsidize your phone’s cost. Approval, however, is not always guaranteed. If you have a poor credit score, your chances are slim to none. This is when considering a bad credit mobile phone may be your best bet.

What is a bad credit phone?

A bad credit phone is exactly what its name says. It is a phone deal for people with bad credit. This means approval is often guaranteed no matter your credit score. And the best part, you get to avail a new handset without paying for it upfront just like with any traditional phone contract deal. On the downside, phone choices may not be as vast or diverse as those available if you had good credit score. In most cases, you’ll be limited to choose from a range of cheaper handsets because of your less than stellar credit score.


Why apply for a bad credit mobile phone?

Bad credit phones may not be advantageous in all respects but it does offer a convenient alternative if you’ve been rejected for a phone contract deal because of bad credit. If you’re still not sure whether a bad credit phone is a suitable option or not, here are some reasons why it makes sense to apply for this type of deal:


  • No credit checks – One of the chief advantages of a bad credit phone deal is the fact that applicants no longer have to worry about credit checks. Your credit score won’t affect your chances of approval at all. This means a hassle-free application for mobile phone users with bad credit scores.
  • Minimal requirements – The requirements are pretty basic too. To apply for a bad credit phone, you just need to be of legal age, a UK resident and an employee with a steady monthly income. If providers can see that you are financially capable of handling the monthly payments, expect to get approved for your application fast.
  • Fast approval – Since there’s no more credit checks and the requirements are minimal, approval is faster for bad credit phones. In fact, most providers of bad credit phone deals promise same day approval. If you apply today, you can get approved within the same day. It’s how convenient these deals are.
  • Improve bad credit score – When approved for a bad credit phone, you also have a chance to boost your credit rating. Making sure that you’re paying your monthly dues on time every month, is a great way to improve your credit score. If credit agencies see that you’re paying your phone contract responsibly, it’s only a matter of time for you to see great improvements on your bad credit score.


Is a bad credit phone for you?

At this point, you’ll just need to ask whether a bad credit phone is for you or not. To answer the question, you just need to go back to your needs and budget. If you know you’re going to get the best end of the deal with a bad credit phone then it makes all sense to apply for a bad credit phone deal as soon as you can.

Buying or leasing your smartphone: Which is better?

As more smartphones hit the market, there are also now more options for buying a new smartphone. You can get a phone contract deal or a bad credit phone deal if you have bad credit. You can buy the phone upfront if you have the cash or you can always apply for a mobile phone financing plan. Then there’s also another option that’s becoming more popular today—not buy the phone at all. In other words, just lease the phone.

Choosing which smartphone to buy is already difficult enough. Now you also have to consider how to buy your smartphone. To lease or to buy, that’s the key question to answer. Keep reading and we’ll help you decide in the end.

Buying vs. leasing

When you buy your phone through a phone contract deal, you’ll pay a fixed monthly fee for 24 or 36 months. Once the contract ends, the phone is yours. You can opt to continue the contract by just paying for the phone services or upgrade to a different plan, get a new phone and pay the monthly fees.

Leasing a phone mostly works just like buying a phone. You pay a fixed monthly fee but this is cheaper than if you’re buying. At the end of the contract, you need to return the phone because you only rented it after all. Leasing fees can get even cheaper if you have a current phone you want to trade for a leased phone.

Which is better?

If you want to own your phone, then buying is the way to go. But before you go ahead and apply for a phone contract deal, remember that these contracts run at a 24 or 36-month term. By the time your contract’s over, newer phones are already available, which in most likelihood you’ll also want to get your hands on.


If you want to own the latest mobile phones every year, leasing makes more sense. Not only will you pay a lower monthly fee with a leased phone but you can also upgrade your phone as soon as a new release hits the market. Provided that you’ve been paying your lease for 18 months, upgrading is a breeze and also cheaper than if you upgrade early from a phone contract deal.


How to shop for the best smartphone in 2016

With smartphones doubling as wallets these days, buying the right one is more important than ever. Cheaper smartphones still have their uses. But if you want advanced features and you know you’re going to use your phone day in and day out, it makes sense to invest in the latest high-end handset even if it may cost you. With so many choices, models, and brands to choose from however, how do you pick the best smartphone from the lot?

We created this smartphone-buying guide to help you along. Whether you’re buying your first phone or upgrading to a more feature-packed handset, here are some key considerations to keep in mind.

Android vs. iOS

One of the easiest ways to narrow down your mobile phone options is to pick your operating system. Two of the most popular OS in the market are Android and iOS. If you want a phone with all the right features, easy to use and have access to the hottest apps first, go for iOS, which means the latest iPhone. On one hand, if you want a more personalized user experience with lots of customization options, Android wins hands down. Android also promises more hardware choice at a wider price range. If you’re not satisfied with either iOS or Android, you can always check other options including Windows Phone.

Screen Size

Another key consideration when buying a smartphone is screen size. There are small, compact phones with screens less than 4.5 inches, then there are medium-sized phones with screens between 4.5 to 5.4 inches. But there are also large phones, otherwise known as phablets, with screens of 5.5 inches or larger. This aspect of your phone will mostly depend on your personal preference.

Key Features

On the outside, mobile phones come in different sizes and styles. On the inside, they differ in terms of software. In order to buy the right phone, looking at the style isn’t enough. You need to consider key features that you deem important for your user experience then go from there. Important features to consider may include your phone’s processor, display, camera, battery life, and touch ID for security purposes. Which feature do you prefer most? Battery life over faster performance? Better camera features or better security? These are considerations to look into if you want a phone that doesn’t just look good but also well suited for the uses that you have in mind.

When comparing features, remember that there is no one mobile phone that has it all. The latest iPhone, for example, has an innovative 3D touch technology but customization still isn’t as enticing as what an Android phone can offer. When buying your phone, make sure you know which features are more important for you because you’ll have to compromise if you want the right balance of price and features.

Price Tag

Let’s not forget about the price tag. While high-end handsets are great for all their features and enhanced user experience, the price tag can be pretty steep. If you have a limited budget, you wouldn’t be able to afford the latest handset. If you can afford to pay upfront, it still doesn’t make sense sometimes to spend so much on a mobile phone.

Whether you can afford to buy upfront or not, your smartphone’s price is a key consideration to keep in mind. It’s also worth remembering that you shouldn’t be a complete cheapskate if you want a smartphone that goes a long way. The trick really is to find the right balance. Prioritize the right features and buy a phone that fits well within your budget. It might not be easy to do but that’s how you buy the best smartphone for your needs.


Different ways to finance your mobile phone

In today’s digital age, mobile phones have become a necessity. We need them to communicate, send emails, go online and browse Internet web sites. It’s also convenient to carry around on the go, making it a must have for professionals, students, parents and practically anyone.

There are plenty of mobile phones available in the market. Each year, manufacturers produce new models with new features. If you were like most people, you’d want to get your hands on these new models. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to buy a new phone especially a high-end one upfront. This is where financing options make a lot of sense. If you’re looking to go this route, here are different ways to finance your phone purchase:

Apply for a phone contract

One way to subsidize your phone’s cost is to apply for a phone contract plan. Major carriers in the UK offer this option if you are of legal age, a UK resident with good credit and you can provide proof of income.  With a phone contract, you’ll get exactly the phone that you want in addition to a bundle plan for your call, text and data services. In exchange, you agree to pay a monthly fee for the next 24 or 36 months covering the phone and your phone services’ cost. Rather than pay the phone’s cost in full, you can do it on a monthly basis instead.


Avail a mobile phone financing plan

If you applied for a phone contract and you’ve been rejected because of bad credit, this is where mobile phone financing may be a better option. With this type of financing plan, you don’t get subsidies for the cost of your phone. Instead, you have to pay for your smartphone’s full price through a financing plan, which in turn you’ll have to pay back with monthly installments.

With this plan, you don’t necessarily have to have good credit. If you’re employed, you can almost always get approved for a financing plan and once you reach a certain payment threshold in your plan, you can upgrade to a different one so you can also upgrade your phone. Terms and conditions will vary from plan to plan. But in any case, this is a great way to finance your phone purchase especially if you have a poor credit score.

Get a personal loan

If mobile phone financing isn’t working out for you, another option to consider is to get a personal loan. If you’re eligible for a personal loan, you can easily get approved within a day. And because most personal loans wouldn’t ask you the reason for the loan, you can use the money any way you want like buying a new phone. Some examples of personal loans include peer-to-peer loans, logbook loans, guarantor loans and payday loans among other loan options. When getting a personal loan, just make sure you can afford the monthly repayments to avoid any financial complications along the way.


Is mobile phone financing for you?

Some experts will tell you that mobile financing isn’t wise. Why borrow money to buy a high-end mobile phone when you can buy a cheaper handset instead? To a point, they are correct. You don’t really need a high-end handset for everyday communication. If you’re going to mostly make calls and send text messages with your phone, a cheap one is the way to go. But if you’re going to do a lot more like sending emails, browsing the Internet and more, this is when mobile financing can help you get the phone that you want.